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A Headset Busy Light Indicator Keeps Distractions Away

The new Lumena headset series includes innovation found in no other headset. The Lumena headset not only provides remarkable audio quality but also has a presence indicator built into the headband so surrounding colleagues can easily determine if you are on a call, busy focussing on a task or available for a discussion.

The headset busy light indicator is specifically designed so that from any angle around the office the users status can be easily established ensuring the user is not disturbed when busy in addition to saving the time of other employees walking over when the user is on a call.

The Lumena headset also flaunts exceptional audio quality through a noise-cancelling microphone guaranteeing crystal clean speech during phone calls and online meetings.

With wideband speakers, the Lumena headset provides deep low-frequency coupled with sharp high-frequency audio combining to give an ideal acoustic experience for the open-office plan and contact centers.

The Lumena headset also includes an intelligent controller which provides volume control including mute functionality. The controller also includes a Busy button which, when pressed, changes the headset busy light indicator color to red indicating that the user is busy which lets those around know that the use should not be disturbed.

The Lumena series comprises of the Lumena 110 headset and the Lumena 120 headset.

The Lumena 110 is the mono version of the headset whereas the Lumena 120 is the stereo version of the headset. The headset busy light indicator on the Lumena 120 provides a 360 degree viewing angle of the busy light on the headset allowing full view of the users availability from any observation point.

The headset busy light indicator is made extremely powerful when used with the Embrava SDK. The Embrava SDK allows the ability to have your own application integrate with the busy light on the headset. This functionality allows alerts or states from within your own line of business applications to be displayed physically using different color, stable or flashing lights on the headset busy light indicator.

A popular use case for the Lumena headset busy light indicator is the contact center. In contact centers, a majority of the users have their headsets on constantly throughout the day making it difficult to determine if the user is on a call or available for a chat. The built-in status lights solves this exact issue.

One customer, a large insurance provider in the US, has further extended the uses of the headset busy light indicator to not only display the status of the user but to also display call duration alerts and call for supervisor functionality. In this particular case, when an agent started a call the status light on the headset displayed a green light. After 10 minutes on a call, the status light would then turn orange and after 20 minutes the status light would automatically turn red signalling to the supervisor the agent is having trouble handling the current call. Call supervisor functionality was also implemented that allowed the agent to hit a hotkey which would automatically change the status light on the headset to purple again notifying to the supervisor that the agent requires assistance.

The Lumena headset synchronizes with all major UC platforms, including Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and RingCentral, automatically displaying your digital status on the headset to reduce interruptions on the workplace.

The Lumena headset also integrates with major contact center platforms, including Genesys PureCloud and Cisco Finesse, again displaying the agent status on the headset so your peers can understand your availability.

If you a looking feel a headset busy light indicator will help streamline collaboration in your office the Lumena series is the headset for you.

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