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Increasing Productivity in the Office

Improving Office Productivity

In today’s open-plan work environments, office productivity can sometimes be sacrificed in exchange for flexibility and collaboration. Embrava solutions allow the best of both worlds: workers can stay focused on the task at hand without interruptions, while also inviting meaningful collaboration and interaction during appropriate times. Embrava Blynclight and Lumena status lights make that possible.


Businesses & individuals with open-plan work environments

Customer Problem

Too many distractions and interruptions while at work, reducing productivity


Status lights allow colleagues to see when a worker is available or busy


Embrava’s status lights are highly visible, and the SDK allows the status to be easily integrated into any line of business application.


Workplace of the future is great for Collaboration…
not always for Productivity

As companies have transitioned from separate offices to more open-plan work environments, sometimes the opportunity for collaboration gets in the way of workers getting things done.
Businesses with many information workers want to encourage the creativity that comes from more modern, collaborative office spaces: Tech companies, consulting and engineering firms, creative agencies, media companies, and professional practices all benefit from reducing silos and improving employee interaction.
But open-plan layouts can also mean increased distractions and interruptions.

Did You Know?

Productivity Drain: The average office worker is interrupted roughly every 3 minutes

Embrava Status Lights Increase Office Productivity

Status lights – whether the standalone Blynclight or the headset-mounted Lumena – can be used in the workplace to display the availability of workers to reduce interruptions and boost productivity. The Blynclight also helps the user better manage their incoming calls and messages by flashing on receipt of a new call or instant message.
The status lights clearly indicate if a user is on the phone, busy with an appointment or available to chat. The status is easily visible to surrounding colleagues, as well as remotely to virtual team members through integration with popular collaboration platforms such as Skype, Lync, Cisco Jabber, Google Hangouts, and ShoreTel.

Embrava Customers Use Office Productivity Tools to Take Control of Their Time

Users of the Blynclight and Lumena status lights find that they can more effectively manage the time needed to complete tasks and collaborate with others. With highly visible busy lights, the products are designed to allow colleagues to quickly determine when the user is on a call, busy with a deadline, or free to chat.

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