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Do Not Disturb Light System and Signs for Office Cubicles

The Blynclight series is a do not disturb light system that uses different colored lights to indicate to colleagues in your office when you are available for a chat, on a call or not to be disturbed.

The Blynclight series comprises of the following models:

  • Blynclight Standard: which uses visual alerts through colored, stable or flashing lights.
  • Blynclight Plus: which uses both visual and audio alerts which can play ring and messages tones on incoming call or instant messages.
  • Blynclight Mini: uses both visual and audio alerts to display user availability but is specifically designed for monitors and laptops.
  • Blynclight Wireless: uses both visual and audio alerts but does not require a USB cable allowing you to display your status at a distance.

The Blynclight series of status lights is the perfect do not disturb light for the office. The busy light can be displayed on your cubicle wall or mounted on your monitor in clear view so all surrounding employees can easily determine when you should not be disturbed helping you get your work done and improving employee morale in the office.

The Blynclight do not disturb light system connects to your soft phone platform be it Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, RingCentral and many others and will automatically physically display your status on the light so your colleagues can tell when you are on the phone, in a meeting, busy focussing on a task or free for a chat.

The standard configuration for the Blynclight is to automatically display the following colors depending on the users state:

  • Green light for Available
  • Red light for Busy
  • Yellow light for Away
  • Purple for Do Not Disturb

In a cubicle setting, the Blynclight Standard or Blynclight Plus is the ideal cubicle do not disturb sign. With Blynclights mounted on cubicles, employees of the office can immediately understand the availability of colleagues reducing interruptions on the office, boosting productivity and, in turn, improving the bottom line of the company.

In addition to a do not disturb light for the cubicle, the Blynclight can also be used to address accessibility issues in your office. Many large customers across North America have deployed Blynclight to meet standard of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The large light source provided by the Blynclight Standard and Blynclight Plus have provided great value to the hearing-impaired when answering calls. Instead of an audio alert for an incoming call, the Blynclight can flash a large red light allowing those with a hearing disability to easily determine when they have an incoming call ensure no call or messages is easily missed.

The Blynclights also provide a deeper feature set than just a do not disturb sign for the office. The Blynclight is an Intelligent Presence Endpoint that can also be used to provide desk booking functionality within an agile office. When a user arrives at a desk and docks their machine the Blynclight is automatically activated showing your availability but also seamlessly booking that desk for you. This booking of the desk also allows wayfinding maps to be updated with your location so colleagues can find you if required.

Using the Embrava SDK, you can tie in your own business application alerts to be displayed on the Blynclight. Whether it is displaying alerts for system downtime or breached SLAs, the Blynclight can be configured to physically display notifications from your own custom applications.

No longer do you need manual do not disturb signs for the office. The Blynclight series of status lights automatically change to display your availability minimizing interruptions and streamlining collaboration in the office.

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