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Effective Team Collaboration

Streamline Team Communication

Road warriors and mobile professionals need team collaboration tools that allow everyone to know up-to-date status even when on the go. They need to be able to collaborate with both local and distant colleagues, and be able to report their own status to the team. Embrava’s Lumena headset status display allows them to do that, whether they are moving about the office, away from the building, or on business travel.


Road warriors, mobile workers, and their team mates

Customer Problem

While mobile, it can be hard to know up-to-date status from team members, leading to decreased productivity.


Integrated status lights show the latest status of each team mate, both physically and through their collaboration software.


Embrava focuses on the whole productivity solution, delivering integrated real-time status so team collaboration can be effective and productive.


Wasted Time Getting Updates from Team Members

Collaborating with a team can be a great way to get work done, bringing new ideas and creativity to the table. But when mobile, it can be hard for the worker and their colleagues to know when team members are busy, away, or available. They end up wasting time pinging team mates who are busy or out of the office, leaving messages and sending email to get the latest status. This results in loss of productivity from time-wasting ad hoc team coordination.

Did You Know?

28% of an Information Workers day is consumed by interruptions - that 2.1 hours of productivity lost per worker per day!


Status Lights Keep the Team in Sync Automatically

When the team uses Embrava status lights – whether standalone Blynclights or head-mounted Lumena – then the up-to-date status of each member of the team is automatically communicated to all other team members in real time… regardless of who is on the road, away from their desk, or busy in another meeting.
No more wasting time trying to call or email your colleagues when they are too busy to respond, or pinging someone who is out for the afternoon, or sending the same status update three times to three different team mates.
The Embrava status lights easily integrate into whichever collaboration solution the team is using: Skype, Lync, Cisco Jabber, and more.

Embrava Shows the Latest Status for Productive Team Collaboration

Embrava focuses on the whole productivity solution, providing headsets with status light indicators for mobile-about-the-office workers, as well as integration with popular business collaboration platforms so that the status can be easily displayed for all colleagues to see.

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