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Desk Sign Desk Booking Smart Sensor

Designed for hot desking, office hoteling and activity-based work environments


Workspace Availability

Allow users to quickly determine which workspaces are available to be used

Easily Locate Employees

Allow users to quickly find and identify colleagues as they move around the workplace

Workspace Usage Reporting

Understand how workspaces are being used to help reduce capital and operating costs

Workspace Availability

Provide your employees with an easy way to determine if a workspace is free or reserved

  • Available
  • Reserved
  • Checked-In
  • Ending

Easily Find Employees

The Desk Sign will automatically display a users name and update your wayfinding/location services as soon as an employee checks into a workspace allowing users to easily find and identify each other as they move around an agile work environment.

Workplace Analytics

Anonymously report on how desks are actually being utilized with Available, Away, Busy and On-Call data allowing organizations to save money and effectively plan their workspaces.

"We failed to implement hoteling in our office until we found the Embrava Desk Sign”

Daniel O’Keefe
Global Insurance Company

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Requires Cleaning

Integrates with these leading platforms

COVID Response Features

Keep your employees safe when implementing your back-to-office strategy

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Allow facility managers to disable and enable desks on demand so they can keep their employees at a safe distance apart. Desks can be brought back online progressively with one-click once restrictions start to ease.

Awaiting Clean

Awaiting Clean

Implement a desk cleaning protocol with the Desk Sign. Desks can be automatically disabled after use and easily enabled again once confirmed cleaned by having the cleaner simply tap their badge on the device.

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing

When enabled, the Desk Sign can be used to capture who sat where and when. In the event an employee tests positive for COVID-19, our solution can help identify which workspaces were used by that employee and which colleagues may have come into contact with them so the appropriate actions can be undertaken.

Download the COVID Response Features Whitepaper to learn more about how the Desk Sign can help bring your employees back into the office safely.

Hot Desks

Hoteling Spaces

360 viewing angle

Includes an LED bar that is visible from all angles of the office to allow users to easily identify available workspaces.

Wireless & wired support

The Desk Sign can be powered by USB and networked over WiFi or powered and networked using Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Desk Booking your way

Whether it’s bookable or free address desks, access card or anonymous bookings we support all of the different booking methodologies.

Dynamic Nameplate

Display who has occupied a desk to allow users to identify colleagues and remove the 'anonymous workplace' issue associated with agile environments.

Secure Infrastructure

On-board and server data, hardware and communication channels have all been secured to prevent unauthorized data access

User Presence Display

Integrates with all major UC Platforms including Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber and many others to show if a user is busy or available to chat.

Extensible Open API

Integrate the Desk Sign with your own line of business applications to display visual and audio alerts to your employees on any specific events.

Adaptable Mount Options

Whether you are mounting the Desk Sign on a wall, partition, desk or glass our mounting options allow you to present the Desk Sign anywhere in the office.

Usage Data Source

All desk usage and anonymous user presence data captured by the Desk Sign can be routed to a datastore or warehouse to meet your reporting requirements.

On Desk

On Partition

On Wall/Glass

Technical Specifications

Feature Component Description
Network Wireless Support for Wi-fi 802.11 b,g,n wireless networks
Wired Support for Ethernet(IEEE 802.3) wired networks
Power USB Support 5V USB power over USB-C cable provided
Ethernet Support Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
Display LCD 2.8" LCD 320x240 (QVGA) touch screen
Check-in/out RF ID Support for 13.56MHz and 125kHz RFID cards.
NFC Support for authentication using iOS and/or Android smartphones
Touch Screen Support anonymous reservations with simple screen touch
Alerts LED Bar Fully customizable 256 color display for visual alerts
Speaker 12 tones with adjustable volume control for audio alerts.
Mounting Permanent Secured to surface using screws.
Adjustable Non-damaging, adjustable mount for partitions and desks
Glass Mount Designed for glass surfaces.

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