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Call Center Productivity

Optimize your Call Center

Embrava status lights can be used to improve Call Center productivity.
In the call center environment, it is important to minimize downtime and overhead, in order to maximize the on-call time of employees. Embrava’s Lumena headset status makes it immediately clear who is on the phone and who is available. So when a call center agent needs help with a question or customer request, they only have to look around to see who is immediately ready to respond.


Call center agents

Customer Problem

If the call center employee needs to answer a customer question or escalate an issue, they need to be able to see immediately who is available.


Headset status lights show clearly which agents are available and which are busy on the phone.


Embrava status lights let the agent get questions and escalations answered more quickly, minimizing customer hold time and maximizing on-call productivity.


Workforce Optimization While Meeting Customer Expectations

Call center managers often feel pulled in two different directions: how to meet customer expectations while at the same time optimizing their workforce productivity. On the one hand, customers want personal treatment, responsiveness and a pleasant, helpful agent. On the other hand, the manager needs to minimize call time while maximizing worker productivity. These two goals often pull against each other.
The real challenge facing call center managers is how to accurately manage peaks and troughs of inbound call volume, and how to quickly assign agents or re-assign idle workers to other tasks.

Did You Know?

recent survey conducted by Knowlagent revealed that call center agents are idle an average of 49 minutes per day and 76 percent of survey respondents felt it was important for agents to make the best use of this idle time.*


Status Lights Make Availability Immediately Visible

When agents use the Embrava Lumena headset, the high visibility status light makes it immediately clear to managers and to other agents who is available and who is busy. This minimizes the downtime involved in transferring or assigning calls, and makes it faster for agents to find other available workers to answer questions or escalate a call if needed.
This also helps agents to feel more autonomous and independent in their work, giving them the ability to resolve customer issues through colleagues directly rather than having to escalate to a manager. Given the fact that retention is often the biggest issue facing call center managers today, this autonomy helps agents feel more ownership and improves the quality of their work environment.

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