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Workplace Analytics

Optimize office space to meet staff needs and reduce real estate costs.

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Accurate Desk Usage Data

Understand how workspaces are being used to help reduce capital and operating costs.

Our Passive Check-in/Out mechanisms ensure desk usage data is precise to allow you to make data-driven decisions when designing your office layout.

Anonymous Staff Presence Data

Gain powerful insights on how staff are using the different workspaces within your organization through our integrations with all major UC platforms such as Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber.

Report on away from desk, collaboration, on-call and do not disturb areas so you can optimize your space to meet staff needs.

Real-time Data Feed

Our sensors capture desk usage and staff presence events exposing the data as soon as the event occurs.

Captured data can be sent to third-party systems for customized reporting as required.

Products for Workplace Analytics

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