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Improving Employee Morale

Boost Employee Satisfaction with Tools for Work / Life Balance

Constant work interruptions and distractions can have a negative impact on employee morale. Without the right tools in place to manage time, open-plan workplaces can make it difficult for the information worker to focus on delivering quality work. But Embrava’s productivity solutions put employees back in control of their time and their quality of life.


Any business or individual who feels stressed about bad time management

Customer Problem

Disruptions during the work day impact morale and quality of life


Workers use status lights to indicate when they are busy or available, helping them manage time more effectively and feel more in control


Embrava’s solutions are uniquely focused on helping today’s Information Worker deal with the challenges of the workplace of the future


Interruptions and Distractions Lead to Stressed-Out Employees

Many studies have found that work disruptions can greatly affect an information worker’s productivity, with the average office worker interrupted roughly every 3 minutes. Most information workers find it almost impossible to get “into the flow” and really focus on delivering quality work during the work day. This in turn is driving the increasing necessity to get one’s actual work done at home during the evening, or in the early morning before the work day officially begins. This leads to increased stress, decreased morale, and poor work / life balance.

Did You Know?

A recent Oxford Economics study found workplace distractions in open-plan setups negatively affected employee morale and productivity.


Embrava Status Lights Put Employees Back in Control

When employees use Embrava status lights, they can choose when to allow interruptions and conversation, and when to be left alone to focus on work deliverables or phone calls. An information worker that has more control over their work environment is a happier employee.
The user can focus on delivering quality work during the work day (including collaboration and interaction at appropriate times), freeing up more “outside work” time for family and hobbies. Studies show that not only do they get more “free time” back, they are actually significantly more productive during the time that they are working. A true win win!

Employees Value the Ability to Work without Interruptions

Responses in the Oxford Economics study clearly show how employees feel about the negative impact of constant interruptions. In fact, respondents ranked “the ability to focus and work without interruptions” as the most important aspect of their work environment.

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