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Desk Booking with Embrava + EMS Software

Easily manage desks in your Free Addressing, Activity-based working or Office Hotelling work environment.

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Designed for

Office Hoteling

Activity-based Working

Hot Desking

Free Addressing


Seamless Check-in

Users are instantly checked in as they arrive at the desk using our presence detection products.
No manual tap required ensuring no check-in/out is ever missed providing accurate data to facility managers.

Search for Colleague

Load your own floorplan to find the location of workers and desks using an interactive wayfinder. Maps will also include user availability to ensure your colleague is available when you arrive at their desk.

Workspace Usage Data

Gather deep insights on how your workplace is being used through our desk usage and user availability data. Make better workplace design decisions using accurate workspace usage data.

Need help with Desk Booking?

If you are looking to implement hot desking or activity-based working and need a desk booking solution but not sure where to start complete the form on your right and one of our workplace of the future experts will be in touch to get you on your way.

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