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Embrava Solutions.

Embrava’s solutions are designed to improve Information Worker productivity and time management in the workplace of the future – whether in the office, working from home, collaborating with a distributed team, or on the road.

The workplace of the future refers to today’s collaborative, open-plan, flexible work environments. Read more about the workplace of the future here.

Built for today’s flexible work environments

  • Productive open-plan offices
  • Effective work-from-home
  • Virtual team collaboration

Works with existing office collaboration solutions

  • Microsoft Lync
  • Cisco Jabber
  • Skype

Robust solution for any size of business

  • Proven solutions
  • Enterprise-grade integration
  • Reliable

Check out the usage models below to see how Embrava improves productivity, increases employee morale, helps workers deliver higher quality work, and optimizes business workflow.

Increasing Productivity in the Office

In today’s open-plan work environments, sometimes the opportunity for collaboration gets in the way of getting things done.
Embrava solutions help you stay focused on the task at hand and get work done without interruptions.

Learn more about the Office Productivity usage model

Improving Employee Morale

Work disruptions can greatly affect productivity and morale, with the average office worker interrupted roughly every 3 minutes. As a result, they are unable to really focus on delivering quality work during the work day. This leads to increased stress, decreased morale, and poor work / life balance.
Use Embrava solutions to define when you are available and when you are busy, allowing you to focus on the task at hand when needed.

Learn more about the Improving Morale usage model

Call Center Productivity

Call center managers and agents face the challenge of accurately managing peaks and troughs of inbound call volume, and quickly assigning agents or re-assigning idle time to other tasks.
When agents use the Embrava Lumena headset, the high visibility status light makes it immediately clear who is available and who is busy. This minimizes the downtime involved in transferring or assigning calls, and makes it faster for agents to find other available workers to answer questions or escalate a call if needed.

Learn more about the Call Center Productivity usage model

Managing Work-from-Home Distractions

It can be a real challenge to work productively at home. Between noisy kids, personal phone interruptions, door bell rings… it’s hard for the at-home worker to keep their focus.
Embrava solutions help you reduce distractions and stay on task while working at home.

Learn more about the Work-from-Home usage model

Effective Team Collaboration

When working in teams it can be hard to know who is available, who is busy, and who is away from the office. Meetings get postponed, decisions don’t get made, and too much time and email is wasted on checking in and getting updates.
Embrava solutions allow road warriors, virtual workers, and mobile professionals to collaborate with both local and distant colleagues, with current, easily visible status.

Learn more about the Team Collaboration usage model

Integrating Work Status in LOB Applications

Alerts, messages, and next steps from LOB applications can sometimes pile up in users’ inboxes when they are away or busy with other work. Using the Embrava SDK, developers can integrate worker status into any Line of Business application. In this way, alerts and other actions can vary depending on the user status.

Learn more about the Application Integration usage model

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