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Integrate Status Lights with Business Applications

Display alerts from your line-of-business applications

Software developers can use the Embrava SDK to integrate worker status into their Line of Business applications. This can allow the application to display status remotely, or incorporate status into business process workflow, such as determining who to send an alert to.


Developers of line of business applications (3rd party or IT)

Customer Problem

Inefficient workflow in LOB applications that don’t have access to availability of stakeholders


Use Embrava SDK to display real-time status of workers in the LOB application


When worker status is integrated in LOB applications, workflow and communication is accelerated.


Inefficient Workflow in LOB Applications Reduces Team Productivity

The workflow built into LOB applications is often less than efficient, frequently due to the fact that the application does not have access to the real-time status of participants. So, for example, an approval gets sent to a manager who is busy in an all-day meeting, rather than being sent to another manager who was available and could have approved it immediately.

Did You Know?

According to the US Census, nearly 6 million Americans work primarily from home.


Integrated Employee Status Shows Real-Time Availability of Stakeholders

Business workflow can be better built into the application if it has access to the availability of workers.
Embrava’s SDK allows worker status to be easily integrated into any line of business application. Alerts or messages from the application can be sent to the correct worker based on both role and availability.

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