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Why Blync

Reduce Interruptions - Increase Productivity
The Blync light can save your organization $120 per person per day!

Studies have shown that up to 28% of a typical workers day is consumed by interruptions. That's 2.1 hours of productivity lost per person per day!

The Blync light has been designed to help eliminate this interruption by allowing your co-workers to physically display their availability when focused on completing an important task.

Employee Satisfaction
Stress is one of the leading causes of employee discontentment within any organization.

This stress can stem from employers who cannot, or will not, supply the tools necessary for employees to work efficiently while on the job.

The Blync light will provide your staff with a tool that will enable them to be effective when completing urgent tasks boosting employee satisfaction while reducing costs incurred with high staff turnover.

Never Miss a Call
Missing a call can be detrimental to any company with a Sales or Customer Service focus.

Your organization can be losing up to 10% of its sales opportunities through missed calls. Equally unfavourable is missing calls from customers with service level agreements in place which can later affect future contract renewals.

The Blync light has been developed to physically alert co-workers that an incoming call is being received.

Boosting productivity in 5,000+ companies worldwide

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