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About Embrava.

Time. The single most valuable commodity in today’s fast paced world. Embrava was founded with the mission to solve the time management problem with tools that help reduce interruptions and distractions.
Embrava is an Office Productivity company, offering key products to enhance worker productivity in the workplace of the future. This includes Blynclight status lights and the new Lumena headset with status light.
It’s your time. Take control with Embrava.

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The world of the Information Worker is changing.

The typical work environment has changed from separate offices to open-plan environments and now 'work from home' and virtual arrangements. In this workplace of the future, today’s Information Worker is bombarded with a multitude of interruptions.
Studies have shown that up to 28% of a typical worker's day is now consumed by interruptions. That's 2.1 hours of productivity lost per person per day!

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Productivity Solutions for the Information Worker.

At Embrava we have a single focus: Deliver enterprise-grade solutions to help today’s information workers better manage their time in the workplace of the future -- improving focus, reducing distractions and interruptions, and increasing productivity.

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