Trial Embrava Status Lights for FREE with your Cisco Jabber Deployment!


Status lights for Cisco Jabber will:

  • Synchronize with your Cisco Jabber status to let your colleagues know when you are on a call, busy with a deadline or available to chat.
  • Flash and/or play a ringtone on incoming calls so that you never miss a call. (Windows version only)

Status lights for Cisco Jabber is designed to:

  • Reduce interruptions and boost Information Worker productivity in open-office plans.
  • Allow employees to control their availability so they are able to complete tasks and collaborate with colleagues effectively.
  • Drive the adoption of Cisco Jabber in the workplace.


      Embrava is offering up to 5 devices to trial for free to qualified Cisco Jabber pilot programs. If you have at least 250 employees and plan to deploy 100+ UC seats click the Trial button below to qualify your company and receive your free devices.